Jeff Taylor is doing the job right…

  • Made assessment fair and equitable
  • Lowered property assessments of flood victims to aid in recovery
  • Implemented parish’s first ownership map
  • Implemented state’s first one-pixel imagery system
  • Instituted state-of-the-art computer assessment stystem
  • Developed nationally recognized permit program
  • Led statewide effort to publish all assessments online for public viewing
  • Founder of Assess the Need school supply drive
  • Constructed new governmental annex for greater accessibility and efficiency

And it shows!

  • Elected President of the Louisiana Assessor’s Association
  • Twice a Finalist for the International Association of Assessing Officers Award of Distinction for outstanding work
  • Industry Leader in Certified Educational Standards

Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor is currently serving as the Livingston Parish Assessor. Jeff is proud to continue representing the parish with honesty and integrity and will continue fairly assessing property values across the parish.

Let’s Keep Jeff Taylor as your Responsible, Effective, and Fair Assessor in Livingston Parish. “Keep doing the job right in Livingston Parish”!

As the Parish continues to grow and change, Jeff will continue to strive for more services and deliver more information to the general public. By continuing to support Jeff, you are focusing on the good of the campaign and the Parish.Jeff Taylor has been working hard to assess property in Livingston Parish for many years and through your support, is continuing to do so today. Jeff has built an office with integrity and honesty for citizens throughout the Parish.